Multiplayer online engine

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This is a fully on-line, high performance, multiplayer, twitch reaction game engine, containing both server and client code. The server side is a node.js socket server and game rules engine and the client side is a flash client using sockets. This project includes features such as an integrated chat system, simple XP progression system, [...]

Angry birds physics engine

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This is a fully featured, blazing fast 2D physics engine written from the ground up, featuring continuous collision detection, persistent contacts and object sleeping with an iterative constraint solver, all wrapped up in a game engine harness with 3 built in levels and an established content creation process to make expanding the content easy. [...]

Platform game engine

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Featuring three example levels, with continuous collision detection and internal edge contact removal for smooth navigation around the tile based levels, this platform game engine will serve as a great basis for any tile based, platform game. Choose from four different versions of the game, from a basic, completely free version, to the full [...]