Accept PayPal™ in your Flash game
Start earning from your hard work

No monthly fees!

Earn nothing - pay nothing. We take just 5% per transaction when you've earned more than $10.

Sell individual items

Sell up to 31 individual items, like levels, objects or even the full version of your game.

Very easy to use

Designed from the outset to be extremely easy to use. Get up and running in no time, all you need is a PayPal™ premier/business account.

Fully featured examples

Includes fully featured Flash example with built in log-in/registration flow and more!


Fully secure system with redundant data store and nightly back-ups.

Advanced analytics

Real time analytics system built right into the web interface.

Adjust your prices live

Tweak your prices in response to your sales and measure the effect in real time.

Indie friendly

We know what it's like being an indie developer - that's why you'll never get charged unless you're making money!

Free promotion!

Free promotion on our blog worth $100s in CPC compared to Google Adwords™.

Committed to you

Because your success is part of our success, we're committed to helping you make your game as successful as possible by striving to provide the best customer support in the industry.

Free promotion service

Part of our commitment to you is to provide a free promotion service for your game on our blog at Wildbunny worth $100s of dollars in CPC as compared with Google Adwords™.

Meet our competitors

We welcome comparison to our competitors, here are the top two:


40% fee per transaction

Player IO Payvault

$25 USD / month + $0.05/transaction + $0.01/1000 transactions + bandwidth costs (service includes additional features)