Project Description

Featuring three example levels, with continuous collision detection and internal edge contact removal for smooth navigation around the tile based levels, this platform game engine will serve as a great basis for any tile based, platform game.

Choose from four different versions of the game, from a basic, completely free version, to the full spec version with upgraded art assets.

Each download contains all the source-code, assets and a fully permissive , do-anything licence to give you maximum flexibility for your project.

The live preview of each version is shown here below - don't forget to click and play them!

Read part one
Read part two
Read part three


  • This is the complete version, with graphics redone by Khan Studios.


  • This is the complete version, with everything included.


  • This version contains all the assets of the full game, but only one enemy type, no level progression, no parallax layers and no ladders.


  • This versions contains the bare essentials of the game, one player character, one map, one tile type, no level progression, no enemies, no fancy graphics, or dependence on the Flash IDE.