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If you've just finished your web game or app, you're probably in full marketing mode trying to get your baby noticed. I know how hard this can be so I wanted to give a little helping hand by hosting a little advert on my blog for one month absolutely free, rather than giving the space away to adwords.

Its not going to change the world as the blog only has a small amount of traffic right now - around 30k page views/month, but every little helps.

The requirements

  • It has to be a web-game or web-app, not something on a phone - something accessible
  • Must be live right now
  • Ideally it won't require any obscure plug-ins
  • It will require an attractive 200x200 pixel icon
  • Entries can't be offensive or of a pornographic nature

You can see an example of the placement of the advert on the right where I've currently running an advert for PuzzleShare which is a game I wrote earlier in the year. Don't worry, the majority of the articles on this site are really long so your game/app wont get lost off the bottom of the page!

I'm going to be looking for around 5 good games/apps to promote in total for this experiment. Simply comment with a link to your game/app and I'll pick the best 5 to take for promotion! The winning 5 will be displayed in every article on this site for one month.

If you run a blog, I'd appreciate a mention but its not necessary.

Anyway, hope this helps some of you guys!

Until next time, have fun!

Cheers, Paul.

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